Welcome to Tony Little Construction

Here at TLC we take great pride in our work and ensure all our projects are handled with the TLC you deserve.

Meet our Construction Team

When you choose to work with TLC, you are making the decision to work with qualified, experienced, property professionals. From your initial inquiry, through to the completed works, your contract is monitored closely by our team, who communicate throughout, to ensure that everything is progressing to your satisfaction.

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Commercial Projects

At TLC, we do a lot of work on commercial building and alteration projects. As a result of this, we know exactly what organisations require from the contractors they work with.

Businesses and organisations have complete access to all of our services, including the construction of new builds, or the extension of your current premises, and additions to its grounds.

We understand that you are often restricted by strict deadlines, and that decisions may have to travel through a number of different individuals before they can be signed off. As a result of this, our communication is extremely open, and we keep it correctly up-to-date, to give you the most warning on any changes in decisions.

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